Integrative Ontological Practices

by Beta Plus Systems

Welcome to Integrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Systems. The foundation of the Practices lies in understanding the three distinct dimensions into which the typical human mind has been fractured. These are defined by the three environments — the three kinds of nature — which we inhabit, simultaneously, constantly - the Terrestrial, the Constructural, and the Digital.

Let us define these terms:


What many call "natural" - the organic - a tree, waterfall, or rock as you would find in a forest.


Human-made, physical simulation of the Constructural; i.e, manufactured rock siding, a plastic potted plant.



Now that we have the basic terminology at our disposal, let's begin to understand what these dimensions mean to us. These three dimensions make up your environment, the world you live in and perceive; they also represent three divisions of your mind, of your processing power, of the way in which you experience the world.

Neither the internal nor external here is prioritized or "came first;" rather, they are fully interconnected, each creating and becoming the other.

This is represented by the tessercube, pictured above. We are divided into Terrestrial, Constructural, and Digital, and then further into internal & external; but these internal and external versions are on opposite planes, and reflect into each other infinitely, like two opposing mirrors. Thus the 'perception' and 'environment' merge, and as the reflections of each dimension cross each other within the cube, they too intersect and compile.